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The Making of Batman: Breakdown

January 12, 2012

[Digital Gonzo 2012]

This is a two part epic investigation into the making of Batman: Breakdown. 
There's so much detail, so many hidden references and so much forethought behind the writing and production that this ended up needing two shows to contain it.

I am joined by Daniel Floyd of Extra Credits who played Robin, Neil Taylor of KDS 2.0 who played Nightwing and Sharon Shaw of Gonzo Planet who played Doctor Jennifer Whitman. There is also an extensive discussion between myself and story editor David Hartrick of the wildly popular football website In Bed with Maradona.

Between us we deconstruct the many complex, continuity-accurate and psychologically sound aspects of this dramatic, emotional, disturbing story of The Dark Knight. I've spent a long time layering in audio to give context to the dialogue and make this an entertaining, enlightening document of what might be the best single piece of work I've ever put out there.

Also outtakes. Those are great too.

In the second half we deconstruct the story elements and discuss how said elements were constructed to make this feel like a real part of the Batman story.

Discussed here are the later scenes and the climax. At the very end there is a special treat in the shape of EPIC OUTTAKES. As well as this the tantalizing prospect of further installments to this new continuity.

Once again a huge thank you to everyone involved in making this,  Sassy, Tara, Matt Ramsey and Matt Whetter, James and Leah, David Hartrick on Story and my guests Sharon, Neil and Dan.