The Legend of Korra: Book 3 - Change

January 6, 2015

[Digital Drift 2015]

The long awaited, much-demanded continuation of the Avatar podcasts is here. We're releasing four podcasts throughout this month, two each for Books 3 & 4 of The Legend of Korra. It's the last we'll see of the series, maybe forever, but certainly for a while, so let's take our time and enjoy ourselves.

Joining me once again after another year I have my now co-host; Sharon Shaw, Daniel Floyd, the voice of Extra Credits, Joshua Garrity of the Cane and Rinse podcast and The Animation Archives, and Jerome McIntosh, now of GameBurst. Duane Griffiths from the previous six episodes couldn't make it, but sends his regards.

We cover the following themes; Behind the scenes and going digital-only, renewal and rebirth, duty and responsibility, family and frustration, anarchy, freedom and control. 

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