Big Data

January 11, 2016

[School of Everything Else 2016]

This is an interview Sharon and I hosted with Ryan Estrada, writer, artist, producer of many many different projects, the latest being Big Data.

(It was originally published in two parts and now, in its complete form it is patreon-only content)

*There are seven keys to the internet, what if each in turn was stolen? Could our repository of information and primary means of communication really be shut down?*

This nine part comedy anthology audio drama, funded by Kickstarter is currently on episode four. It's also got a cast that will set many geeks a-quivering with Paul F. Thompkins (Bojack Horseman) Jemaine Clement (Flight of the Conchords) and Felicia Day (The Guild), plus 69 other voices. Here we discuss with Ryan the inception of the story, the complex casting and direction process, and (in a fairly spoiler-free way) some of his favourite moments. 

Go here to listen to the first few (though you could also listen to this interview first). 

As we say in the interview, episode 1 is a little chaotic so make sure you stick with it for the next few and you will see (or hear) the grander epic taking form. Huge thanks to Ryan for being so generous with his time, and it was fantastic to be able to discuss the finer points with him. 

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